January 11

Why SMS Is A Better Ally Than A Call Or Email When Communicating With Customers


In today's world, people are busier than ever. It seems like everyone is always on the go and there's never enough time in the day. As a result, many people prefer to communicate with each other by text rather than talking on the phone or emailing. In fact, a study by Deloitte found that 63% of customers would prefer to use text messaging for customer service over calling or emailing. So if you're an Amazon seller hoping to connect with your customers, it's important to make sure you're using text messaging as one of your communication channels.

In this blog post, we'll discuss some tips for getting your customers to opt in to receiving text messages from you.

Type Of Alerts You Can Send

Here are a few text alert options you can send customers who opted in to your SMS automated messages. There's more than just these, but the ones below are considered important for almost any product or service brand!

Deals and Discounts

Have you ever been to the grocery store and got a text message asking if you wanted some information on deals? We all like getting good deals, especially when it comes to the products or services we use. That's why any company that offers discounts through their service should have alerts set up so customers can receive updates about them via social media channels. We know most people enjoy these types of promotions because there is usually value in what they entail - which makes offering such perks an easy way for businesses to gain new clientele without much effort at all!

Upcoming, New Products

New product or service launches should always be announced with a text message to your customer's mobile device. The best way for brands and businesses alike, when they release something special is by letting people know right away! So if you want all the attention on whatever is in-store then make sure these notifications come through at least once pre-launch - get those updates out there y'all (and fast).

Informative and Relevant Blogs

One way to make your customers feel special is by letting them know when you post new, important information related to the products and services that are offered. The best part about this service? When you provide a link the customer will always have access links so they're never left in suspense regarding any updates on upcoming releases from your end.

Just A Simple Thank You

Every time someone signs up, you should also send them a thank-you message and tell them how great it is that they've joined the club - all in an effort to show gratitude because after all, who doesn't like feeling appreciated?

Provide Special Offers To Those Who Go Beyond Opting In

It doesn’t happen enough, but every once in a while you may find a customer who takes action beyond opting in that is a benefit to your brand. Treat them like royalty by providing them with exclusive offers. Think about what kind of rewards or gifts you can give to make their experience memorable- from discounts and coupons all the way up to gift cards (and beyond). Most of the time these are people looking forward to a long term relationship so don't hesitate to provide whatever it takes at every stage. Who knows; this type of relationship can open an opportunity for them to join your team as a brand ambassador!

Make Sure There’s An Opt-out Option

Give your customers the option to opt out of promotional messages at any time! We don't want them feeling like they're stuck with unwanted text forever. Give a simple way for people who no longer wish to receive texts from you, so that it doesn’t happen again in future."

Always In Moderation

Make sure you're sending the appropriate amount of messages. Don't send too many or few, and make them relevant to what they signed up for! You want this customer relationship intact, so don't abuse their inbox like a trash can with old food scraps from last night’s dinner date that they never replied back about (even though it wasn't really your fault). Sending a text every now then shouldn’t hurt either; just be careful not to overdo it because some customers might get tired quickly after seeing the same boring content that’s worse than watching wall paint dry.

Also, you want to live by this classic tip for staying on top of your game. Make sure you are consistent with the frequency at which we communicate, and if it's once per week then stick to that!

Keep Your Messages Short And Concise So They Are Easy To Read On A Mobile Screen 

Instead of sending long, drawn-out messages that are difficult to read and impossible for your customer's attention span; keep it simple. Your customers want value without hassle, so don't make their lives more complicated than they already have!

Use Emojis Strategically When Necessary

From the moment you launch your business, it's important to stay on top of what people are doing and how they feel. That means that when it comes time for marketing messages or announcements- use emojis strategically based off who should be sending them!

Maintaining an engaging voice in every communication while still being informative will help ensure customer loyalty through interactive content which translates into sales conversions above competitors' average rates because people want more than just a sale - They Demand Results!

How To Set Up and Get Started

To sum it all up,  it’s pretty easy to say that one of the best ways to build your brand and drive engagement with customers is through SMS marketing. Setting up a successful campaign, however, can be challenging for some businesses who don’t have much experience, nor do they have the time in this area. We, at The Chat Agency, offer comprehensive services that help you set up an SMS campaign quickly and easily, so you can start seeing the results you’re looking for! We want to help grow your business by providing more value than what you could do on your own. Check out our services and contact us when you’re ready to make a bigger impact for your brand!


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