Rank Maintenance

It's time to take Search-Find-Buy to another level with our monthly done-for-you rank maintenance service designed to help you maintain the buy box for your high-value keywords. This is as close to set it and forget it as you're going to get.  The best part - this is designed to help you rank at break-even or better!


Automated Rank Analysis

We constantly scan your rankings relative to the keywords that matter the most to your product and brand, then trigger intelligent automations designed to help you maintain or improve your listing.


Intelligent Chatbot Automation

We've used behavioral response analysis to identify proper paths for your customers to take so we can maximize response and impact while remaining nimble enough to be able to change messaging and media at the drop of a hat.


Copywriting That Converts

If you're going to ask buyers to put in extra effort, you better be able to persuade them. We use copywriting that converts marginally interested customers into motivated buyers.


Visually-Guided Search-Find-Buy

One of the main reasons Search-Find-Buy fails is because of the difficulty of finding and identifying your product. We've solved this problem by visually guiding buyers straight to your listing.


Rank Maintenance Overview:

Anyone can help you launch and rank if you’re willing to lose money, but you didn’t go into business to lose money, did you? Neither did we.

That’s why we racked our brains to create a launch and rank service specifically designed to reduce your costs as a seller so you can launch and rank at break-even or better.

Rank Maintenance is a powerful done-for-you system that harnesses the power of both your existing audiences and the audiences we help you build to maintain and improve your listing’s rankings for high-value keywords.

This monthly service helps you maintain or improve your listings’ relevance and traffic over time.


If You’re Frustrated With Falling Rankings & Margins, You’ll Love This

If you’re tired of maintaining your rankings and you’re ready to put rank maintenance on autopilot, this is the service you’ve been looking for. Using a combination of proprietary automation and ongoing analysis, we’re now able to monitor and maintain your listings’ rankings for competitive keywords.

This is Search-Find-Buy done right.


The Story Behind Why We Created Rank Maintenance

It all started with a problem when we noticed our listings were losing rank for competitive and valuable keywords.

We knew we could solve the problem manually, but who has that kind of time when they have a valuable business to run? Wasn’t there an easier way? As it turns out, there wasn’t, so…

We decided to create a better solution using proven practices:

Ongoing Analysis + Intelligent Automation + Copywriting That Converts + SFB = Rank Maintenance Evolved


Features of Rank Maintenance

    Finally, a strategy that’s 100% white-hat and designed to perform for the long-term in alignment with Amazon’s Terms of Service and preferred promotional strategies. This will become a foundational component of your marketing that you can rely on for years to come. Best of all, you’ll see results quickly and those results will compound over time.
    Ongoing analysis and alerts for your listings’ rankings for high-value keywords
    Intelligent automation designed with copywriting that converts and visually-guided search-find-buy patterns that make it simple and easy for your existing or growing audience to find and buy from you.

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