Chatbot & Nano Influencer Service Launches to Help Amazon eCommerce Sellers Increase Product Sales & Ranking

Fort Lauderdale, FL: The recently launched The Chat Agency, provides ecommerce sellers with Facebook Messenger chatbot and social media nano influencer marketing services. The company’s services are designed to achieve online sellers’ most important business objectives by increasing brand awareness, product sales and rankings. 

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The newly launched company was created to solve some important issues the founders had run into from their own experiences. “We noticed our listings were losing rank for competitive and valuable keywords. We knew we could solve the problem manually, but who has that kind of time when they have a valuable business to run? Wasn’t there an easier way? As it turns out, there wasn’t, so…we decided to create a better solution using proven practices,” explains the company’s senior spokesperson. 

The Chat Agency's solution relies on intelligent Messenger chatbot marketing automation to drive customer engagement and sales. Facebook Messenger chatbots are becoming an invaluable resource leveraging full marketing automation for online sellers. They allow sellers to speak to customers more frequently and with more relevancy, which can improve conversions and purchase frequency. For example, Facebook chatbots are gaining ground as a successful way to reach customers with more than 2,000,000 active chatbots on Messenger to date. The brand points out that there are a staggering 20 billion messages sent between businesses and users every month on Facebook Messenger. With the number of Facebook users worldwide predicted to jump to 3.1 billion by 2021, effectively engaging this significant audience can be crucial to brand success.

The Chat Agency outlines its marketing services as follows:

Amazon Rank Maintenance - This monthly service helps to maintain or improve a listings’ relevance and traffic over time and is specifically designed to reduce the costs incurred by a seller to launch and rank at break-even or better. It is a powerful done-for-you system that harnesses the power of existing audiences and the audiences the chatbots will help build to maintain and improve the listing’s rankings for high-value keywords. The rank maintenance service includes automated rank analysis, intelligent chatbot automation, copywriting that converts and visually guided Search-Find-Buy. Plus, another bonus to this service is that it builds client customer lists, with quality customers, something that is generally regarded as one of the most valuable assets a brand can have.

The Nano-Influencer Framework™ - The patent-pending nano influencer marketing service is a powerful done-for-you social media promotion system that harnesses the persuasive power of up-and-coming influencers creating real relationships, real influence and real results. The monthly service is designed to reduce the workload on a brand’s team while simultaneously driving sales and improved organic rankings over time by leveraging the power of rising social media stars with real, dedicated followers. It includes powerful and prolific social proof, building an army of brand ambassadors persuasively promoting products, gamified promotion of products on powerful platforms and content creation through leveraging User Generated Content (UGC).

Starting with a simple intention, the company developed its nano influencer service to create a way for stay-at-home moms to generate extra income. The company says, “Little did we know that the people following those moms on social media were far more likely to convert into customers as a result of the recommendations they received.” Social media influencers are considered to be the most effective and trusted source for driving sales. The company states that the influencer marketing industry is set to hit $15 billion by 2022. 

Those interested in additional information about building nano influencer and brand ambassador networks, or their 2021 Amazon product launch strategy, should visit The Chat Agency's official website.


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