November 9

Chatbot Marketing | 8 Ways to Manage a Subscription Flow & Retain Subscribers


Have you noticed that you keep on losing subscribers every other day? If your company is having a hard time with client or subscriber retention, there are many ways to optimize your chatbot marketing subscription flow to reduce the churn rate. For example, unsubscribe doesn't need to be the only option you give people who don't want all you have to offer. Create a "Manage Subscription" funnel that shows your subscribers the option only to get the information they want from you.

Adopting and Incorporating Chatbots in Marketing

Chatbot marketing has quickly become a go-to marketing alternative for many brands. Marketing Chatbots such as ManyChat helps startups and existing businesses to grow their clientele. The bots are ideal channels through which you can reach potential customers, establish relationships, and eventually sell your products and services to them. These bots can also filter between qualified leads and those that are not interested in buying or using your products and services. 

Sales can also be made on the chatbots. However, you need to look for alternate ways to deliver products to your clients. Customers can give feedback, review, and even raise complaints about the products on the chatbots. Through chatbots, you can offer your buyers 24/7 customer care services and improve the efficiency of handling and responding to customers on time.

Recent statistical analyses indicate that chatbots are a winner. A study conducted by Chatbotlife suggests that:

  • Around  2.5 billion people on planet earth have access and are active users of messaging applications every day.
  • A large percentage of these users have access to a smartphone. 87% of them have messaging apps installed on their phones.
  • Experts estimate that over 500 million people will be using messaging applications in the next two years.
  • Users between the ages of 18 and 29 prefer messages to voice calls.
  • Persons above 30 years of age, about 60%, prefer texting as the primary mode of communication.

But, Why are Your Subscribers Opting Out?

Keeping your customers engaged, entertained and up-to-date is key to avoiding dropping subscription numbers. Here are seven reasons why your customers might prefer another brand instead of yours:

1. The Information You Provide Is irrelevant to Your Subscribers

If you give your customers irrelevant information that has nothing to do with your customer-seller relationship, they will quickly unsubscribe. Respect and treasure the relationship you foster with your clients. Don't send them spam texts or videos that would otherwise offend the recipients. Keep it exciting, but professional at all times. You can also couple email marketing with chatbot messaging. Follow the same email etiquette on chatbots and make sure the content is useful.

 Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this message benefit me in any way as a recipient? 
  • Does the content make me want to place an order or enquire more about the services and products of the company?
  • Is the tone professional for the reader?
  • Is the message readable and easy to comprehend?

Bonus point: Ensure each message is tailor-made for different audiences. Do not use the same language and tone as older adults when addressing teenagers.

2. Spamming Your Subscribers With Texts

Sending out too many messages on chatbots is risky. Platforms such as Facebook have set limits on the number of marketing messages you should send before the recipient responds. Too many messages will be flagged as spam. Slow down. Send one message at a time and give the client enough time to respond before you follow up with another text. After the initial communication (response from the client showing interest), you can send them as many texts as you wish. 

  • Segregate your customers according to their responsiveness. 
  • Reach out to highly responsive customers often. Additionally, identify high-quality leads from your list and send them catchy messages. 
  • Avoid spamming potential buyers with sales pitches and coupons. 
  • Establish rapport first. Tend to client relationships and then sell later. An excellent way to do this is by creating challenges and inviting them to participate in games virtually. 

3. Your Brand Is No longer Trendy

When a product is new on the market, people will do all they can to get their hands on it. Marketing and pitching sales are not hard as the product sells itself. However, if a competitor produces a similar product of the same quality or even better with more features, you will most likely lose buyers. Customers will only remain loyal to brands that meet and exceed their needs. 

Conduct market research, refocus and get back in the game. You do not have to develop a new line altogether; instead, improve what you already have. Why? Subscribers will only stick with you if you offer them quality consistently. At this point:

  • Reach out to your subscribers and ask them for feedback.
  • Ask them what would make them prefer your product against brand B.
  • Offer them promotions for merely participating and giving reviews. For example, a 10% discount for any product purchased after filling out a survey form.
  • Ask if the product sufficiently meets their needs.

As we have mentioned before, chatbots are not only for sales but also for receiving feedback and criticism to better your brand in the long-run.

4. Is the Interface User-friendly?

A study showed that over 30% of subscribers opted out of messaging lists due to a lack of control on their side. Your customers are receiving hundreds of messages from different platforms on their smartphones. Use a chatbot that has a 'Manage My Subscription' alternative. This allows them to turn and off notifications and customize it according to their preferences. This option also helps them pick out the specific messages they want to receive and when they wish to receive them. ManyChat has a setting that lets the users be in control all day, every day.

5. There's Little or No Information At All

We know this sounds confusing because of point #2. Note that sometimes, going cold on your subscribers could affect your business. If you are not reaching out to them at all, they will opt out of your list. On the other hand, if you only reach out when you want to make a sales pitch, subscribers will ignore you and settle for other sellers. That said, it is essential to come up with a schedule that favors your brand. You can plan to reach the subscribers at least once or twice a week. Share messages that are:

  • Worth your readers' attention.
  • Relevant to the different subscribers on your list.
  • Promote your brand through the information — for example, 10 reasons why every home should celebrate Christmas. Do not sound too salesy. Find the perfect balance.

6. Are you Sending Out Timely Messages?

Chatbot messages should not only be relevant for the audience but should also be timely. You don't want to send out messages randomly. For example, sending out Valentine's packages during the Christmas season. Chatbots can work for or against you, depending on how you use them. Take time to draft messages or pitches that are time-conscious. You can also use the information given out by your subscribers to fine-tune your messages on the chatbots. Send out a coupon or discount, perhaps during the customer's birthday, for instance. 

7. Check Your Campaign Coupons and Discounts

Everybody wants to pay less for their chosen products, right? However, this might cost you big time. Put in place a reliable system to help you qualify the right people from your subscription list. Some people are interested in the coupons and discounts only, and once the campaign is over, they will opt out of your list.

  • Have a system in place that qualifies the right people.
  • Do not give out the coupons and discounts to anyone who has joined your list.
  • Limit the number of people who qualify for the freebies. You don't want to give away everything.
  • Have terms and conditions that subscribers agree to before participating.

How to Use Chatbots to Help You Retain Subscribers

Below are some ways through which you can boost customer or subscriber retention:

1. Create Plenty of Options

When you give your subscribers options, they are more likely to stay your subscribers. If you don't, they will opt for unsubscribing if you send too much, even though some of your content they might enjoy. Giving your subscribers the freedom to stick with you or leave helps your brand’s reputation. You do not want to have a list of 100,000 subscribers who do not want anything to do with your company or products. Forcing the products on them won't work either. You are in for business, and dormant or dissatisfied customers do not add value to your brand. 

  • Foster strong relationships with your clients. 
  • Create open communication channels where they can reach you, give feedback, or reviews freely. 
  • If they opt out of your subscription list, let them go. 

2. Have Bundles or Packages to Choose From

Identify all the things you have to offer and create bundles such as:

  • I Want it All 
  • Newsletters and Blogs Only
  • Special Events Only 
  • Sales and Promotions Only
  • Special Events and Sales 

The bundles will allow you to deliver only what the customer wants or is interested in. One client may be interested only in sales, while another may be interested in blogs. You don't want your customers to flag your messages as spam. Let them choose the packages they want and make sure to share only this with them. 

Additionally, you can create an alternative means through which subscribers can change their tastes and preferences. They should be able to easily switch from one package to another after they subscribe to you. 

3. Include Tags to Suit Customer Preferences

Master those tags — make sure that when you create your tags, you consider what happens when someone comes back and changes their preferences.

 For example, when someone initially says, "I want it all," you will need to create tags for "wants ____" for each thing in that bundle. 

Then, if they come back later and say they only want to know about upcoming sales, make sure you are REMOVING the tags for the other offers. You don't want old tags creating a nightmare when setting up a broadcast.

The customer is always right. And if they want to change what they had previously ordered, make this alternative available for them. Tags allow you to sift out the important from the bulk. The preferences-switch option should not be limited as long as the customer remains on your subscription list.

4. Set-up One-time Notifications

Always set the one-time-notification opt-ins when the customers choose their subscription. This keeps you in compliance with TOS and saves you from having to pay for broadcasts later. Recurring notifications can be a nuisance and would eventually cost you subscribers.

5. Maintain a User-Friendly Subscription Service

Give the user lots of opportunities for going through the Manage Subscription flow. Include a link in the Main Menu, put it in every flow they go through. Sometimes, it makes sense to put it initially, while sometimes, it is better to wait until the end. Ultimately, you want the engagement, but it only does you any good if they want it to. Give them what they want, and they will become a raving fan. Other ways to ensure user-friendliness include:

  • Keep the interface simple and intuitive so that it is easy for all users to interact.
  • Offer different payment options, including PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay.
  • Provide enough information about your products or services to allow your customer to make a purchase decision.

6. Offer Interactive Real-Time Customer Service

One of the leading causes of poor customer retention is the inability to address clients’ issues quickly. Setting up 24-hour customer service chatbots that respond to queries raised in real-time will allow for a frictionless user experience for your customers. A service that the user can access without stress or confusion makes the client feel in total control, and as a result, earns you loyalty and long-term clients in the years to come. 

7. Don’t Forget About Email Marketing 

Second to social media, email marketing has since proven to be one of the most reliable customer engagement tools. Deploy email marketing after clients sign up. Use this channel to deliver personalized communication, such as brand updates and helpful recommendations. If you have inactive subscribers, reach out through email and send them the latest briefs about your brand and products. Transparency is key.

8.Solicit Feedback from Your Customers

Have tools in place that allow you to collect feedback about your services and products frequently. Make it a point to know your customers’ wishes or any challenges they may be having on your site. If you notice any inactivity, it could signal that the users are not satisfied with what you are offering them. This could be due to product changes, product delivery mechanisms, involuntary churning, delays in payment, or lack of information.

Bonus Tips for You

  1. Give your customers coupons and discounts to incentivize your sales and increase your revenue. Plug this inside the bots to also grow your subscription list.
  2. Establish loyalty reward programs to convert subscribers into loyal clients. Using chatbots, regularly update your subscribers on their loyalty points and redeem them if sufficient. If they have redeemed their loyalty points and forgot to pick their rewards, send them a chatbot message. 
  3. Create chatbot quizzes to help you segregate subscribers. Anyone who responds to the questions becomes a subscriber. You can take it further by using the responses to create personalized messages and information.
  4. Include purchase suggestions depending on the information collected by the bot based on previous engagement.
  5. In addition to the above, create gift guides or help guides for your subscribers. These guides should also be personalized. For example, "Perfect Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones.”
  6. Incorporate product-finding guides to help your customers improve their online shopping experiences. A quiz would be perfect for this. The quiz has questions that fully cover the needs and the preferences of the customer, leading them to the ideal product. Bots are ideal for shoppers who have a hard time finding products online.
  7. Help the customer recover an abandoned cart by following up through chatbots. 
  8. Set up automated transactional messages. Any transaction done on your site is automatically sent to the client's Messenger inbox, allowing you to keep in touch with the customer during and after the sale. Customized the messages to factor in:
  • Welcome or after sign-up greetings.
  • Order placement and confirmation.
  • Shipping and tracking information. 
  • Delivery and collection information.
  1. After the client confirms receipt, take time to send an after-sales message. Explain how to use the products or provide a step-by-step guide.
  2. Reach out to customers for feedback. Positive feedback can be directly posted to your social media sites to allow other users to see how your product performs on the market. Request them to share with their friends on their social media pages, too. Not all feedback from the customers should be sent out. Negative feedback should be quickly forwarded to the customer-care desk for further help or advice or refunds. 
  3. Follow up with a replenishment message. Most products on the market have predictable life cycles. Since you have all the information from previous chats, use it to determine when the product is about to run out or has run out, and then reach out to them to place another order with you.
  4. Allow chatbots to fish for referrals. Reach out to your very responsive subscribers and request them to refer their friends, family, or colleagues to your brand. This makes it easier than cold email marketing since you don't need the referral's email address. 

In Conclusion

Managing and improving your subscription flow narrows down to customer satisfaction. Establishing flexible relationships with your clients allows you to retain them for longer. Your business, in turn, benefits from recurring revenue, reduced operations costs, and exponential growth. 

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